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Grovo’s New Chief Learning Officer: Why You Need a MicrolearningⓇ Strategy

Work isn’t what it used to be. We’re living through a time in which traditional organizational design is shifting to respond to the speed and changing priorities of business. Companies are moving away from the hierarchical structures of the past in favor of a flatter, more nimble, team-based approach. Whether you’re ready or not, your employees expect that you will equip and prepare them to thrive and compete in this fast-paced and changing environment. As a result, there is a renewed interest in establishing learning strategies that integrate with day-to-day work and equip employees with the cross-functional skills they need. Learning is no longer as a luxury, it’s a strategy. (more…)

Future of Learning Learn Better Microlearning

Four Critical Questions to Ask When Crafting Your Microlearning Strategy

Microlearning isn’t so much of a novelty anymore. Case in point, a few weeks ago a friend of a friend of mine interviewed for a top L&D position at a large global social media company (yes, that large global social media company). During the interview, the hiring manager asked him a telling question: “What’s your microlearning strategy?” 

How will you use microlearning? Sooner or later, your company will want to know.

This struck me as a sign of the times. For the modern learning organization, it’s no longer a question of whether or not to use microlearning—it’s how. The Association for Talent Development recently reported that 92 percent of organizations using microlearning plan to do more of it in 2017, and more than 67 percent of organizations that don’t yet use it plan to start. The numbers don’t lie—microlearning is an idea whose time has come. (more…)

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Do Your People See Themselves as Learners? These 4 Tips Can Help.

I once saw Seth Godin give a talk where he asked everybody in the audience to raise their hands as high as they could.

How high can you go?

They did. “Now raise them higher,” said Seth, smiling. The audience complied with gusto, stretching their hands up even further, reaching for the ceiling like a classroom of kids desperate to be called on by their teacher. Turns out they had more to give after all—they just needed someone to help them see it.

Luckily, our ability to see greater possibility for ourselves is something we can develop (and it can be really good for business). In her seminal book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. showed that people can learn to fulfill their potential by adopting what she calls a growth mindset. (more…)