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Why Soft Skills Training is More Important Than Ever—And How Microlearning Can Accelerate It

“The machine was theirs and it would come home to roost. It would engender more machines, more intricate machines, more amazing machines, more machine-like machines, until the world and all its man-made parts became one vast, interlocking machine of a machine.”

– Henry Miller, Stand Still Like A Hummingbird

Research from the University of Oxford says within the next 20 years 47% of the jobs in the U.S. will be eliminated due to technology. If you’re wondering just how at risk your own position is, NPR has created an app just for that. Proceed at your own risk.

Don’t worry—in a certain sense, this is nothing new.

From the agricultural revolution, to the industrial revolution, to the information age, technology has always pushed the workforce forward. The key to staying one step ahead of the machines has always been our ability to lean further into what makes us human.

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